I paint to explore the creative process, engage all of my sense and surprise myself. My paintings begin with a simple compositional idea (or a wild gesture), which I respond to instinctively by employing various methods of mark-making, continually re-envisioning the work as layers accumulate. I seek methods of applying material which will yield unanticipated results and emphasize movement and aliveness. I hope to achieve a sense of balance and eventual completion through consistently weaving thoughtful, controlled marks with more spontaneous, expressive marks. Content is sourced from my own journals, drawings and quirky doodles, mind meanderings and memories. 

I believe that as artists, we have the potential to help ourselves and others transcend limited and stagnant ways of being and empower each other as co-creators of our lives. I hope to create paintings that are conduits: windows to more liberated, more colorful, more surprising and mysterious ways of experiencing the world.  

Rebecca is a visual artist, writer and educator. She grew up as one of eight children in a colorful house outside of Dallas, Texas, and graduated from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut in 2014. She now makes home in the Bay Area, where she teaches yoga and mindfulness in underserved public schools, works as a mentor for youth in a nature-based rite of passage program,  and gathers images, stories and inspirations for ongoing creative works. 

I facilitate large scale mural projects and other arts initiatives with youth and teens, as well as community events integrating creative process, spiritual practice, social justice and/or healing arts. I also offer consulting and coaching on integrating creativity and contemplative practice to individuals and in educational settings. Please reach out if you have any inquiries, interest in available or commissioned works, or ideas for collaboration!

Email: bpschisler@gmail.com